Nylon cable tie, a kind of cable tie made of nylon. Cable tie is also known as cable tie, lock belt, cable tie, according to the material division, there are nylon cable tie, stainless steel cable tie, plastic sprayed stainless steel cable tie. There are many kinds of nylon tie, according to different functions, such as wiring equipment industry is divided into: self-locking tie, sign tie, snap tie, anti-disassembly (lead seal) tie, fixed head tie, label tie, bolt tie, aircraft head tie, bead hole tie, fish bone tie, weather tie and so on.

Products Details

To tie TV video quality internal electrode wire and cable, electrical appliances, lighting, electric toys, electric motor, route within the goods such as stationary, industrial equipment oil fixed, we can ship cable route of stationary, bicycle whole vehicle packaging or bound objects, can also be used in agriculture, horticulture, handicraft binding objects. Nylon strap with fast binding, locking, easy to use and other characteristics.
Part Number






Dimension (mm)

200 x 3.6

Weight (Kg)

0.085Kg / 100Pcs

Maximum Tension (Kg)


Wide range of use
Strapping quickly
Lock solid
Easy to use

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